Аналоги Форума - площадки для человечного общения и технологии против расчеловечивания

Собираем и анализируем частичные аналоги Форума - площадки и проекты человечного общения, а также борющиеся с разобщением и поляризацией

  • r/changemyview: Best Subreddit for Debates and Arguments
    Здесь пользователи приходят с намерением изменить свою точку зрения. Полезно: мы можем подчеркнуть в самом форуме, что тут можно менять свои точки зрения (а убеждения или ценности?) - Оксана К
  • Простір злагоди/Пространство согласия / Space of Harmony - портал согласия и взаимодействия. Автор Сергей Жигинас
    Этот проект созвучен по целям проекту Форума - Игорь З
    Но здесь кажется есть общая цель обсуждения: найти путь, как устроить жизнь в обществе по-другому - Оксана К
  • https://conversationcafe.org/ In 2001, three Seattle friends ran an experiment: they believed that spontaneous dialogue would serve democracy, critical thinking & neighborliness. So each sat in a different café once a week & invited whoever was there to dialogue about things that really mattered.

НЕ аналоги, но могут быть полезные пересечения:

The Online Deliberation Platform by the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team in collaboration with the Deliberative Democracy Lab is a video discussion platform for groups of 8-15 people. The platform is designed to facilitate a structured and equitable conversation with better opportunity for participants to speak up. It is currently in limited alpha mode: there is limited capacity available to test/use the platform.

Порталы новостей, дающие картину с разных “сторон”

  • AllSides displays the news as it is covered from a breadth of perspectives.

Решения для более “цивилизованных” дебатов:

  • ProCon: Britannica’s Debate Platform for Researched Arguments
  • Debate Island - что интересно: есть выбор типа дебатов + ограничение по времени и форме высказывания
  • DebateArt: Challenge Anyone to a One-on-One Debate to engage in a classic one-on-one debate with an opponent
  • Debates - Healthy Debate We’ve curated important conversations about various aspects of health care in Canada. Some of our debates are classic clashes between opposing views. Others consist of multiple perspectives that fall along a spectrum of opinion. And some are timelines that show the development of a big story over a long period.

r/changemyview: Best Subreddit for Debates and Arguments
Здесь пользователи приходят с намерением изменить свою точку зрения. Полезно: мы можем так же можем подчеркнуть в самом Форуме, что тут можно менять свои точки зрения (а убеждения или ценности?)

Given its reputation for trolls and flippant comments, who would have thought Reddit would be a safe place for thoughtful debates and discussions on the internet? But that’s exactly what the r/ChangeMyView (CMV) community has built, with a combination of rules, hands-on moderating, and voting comments up and down.
Anyone is free to post on CMV to start a discussion by making a definitive statement about your opinions or beliefs, which you’re challenging someone to counter. While defending your case is important, the idea is to go in with an open mind so that someone can possibly change your view. It’s important to state your own case clearly; otherwise it’s pretty easy for others to poke holes.
When one comment changes anyone’s opinion, the opinion-changer rewards the original with a “Delta” tag and explains why that comment changed their opinion. It’s a way to find the top comments that are doing the objective of the community: to change views.
It’s best to go through the CMV Wiki and rules before you start posting, as there are some excellent guidelines on how to avoid stating positions in a way where you are likely to lose the argument. Plus, there are some no-nos that will get your comment deleted or downvoted.
Generally speaking, it’s a hospitable environment and classifies as one of the most sociable subreddits out there.

BuildUp - НКО, которое 10 лет занимается Peacebuilding (в Африке, на Балканах и тд)

Phoenix на GitHub + описание - технология анализа соцсетей (Вроде бы можно внутри тегать разные типы контента, триггерящие, хейт и тд?) Open source

Пилот AI mediation - AI медиация для людей с разных сторон конфликтов. Здесь лежит описание на грант MIT, есть сведения от 2020г. что попробовали на 1500 людях, но мы не нашли работающий пилот


Automatic classifiers for peace group на GitHub
Benjamin Cerigo · GitLab Benjamin Cerigo

AI conflict mediation by Diplomacy.edu
Mediation and artificial intelligence: Notes on the future of international conflict resolution
DiploFoundation, Diplo AI Lab. November 2019

- интересно про доверие (к AI, к медиаторам, и между участниками процесса)
В остальном пока не вижу пользы

An AI project aims to detect hate speech in Tamil language with the colobration of NYUCIC and Omdena на GitHub Dreamspace.academy

Видимо, на этот грант: Artificial Intelligence For Sustaining Local Peacebuilding (DreamSpace) Global Communities + USAID • USA, Sri Lanka • 2022 - 2023 • 49,800$

Ого, вот это действительно близко - но только судя по описанию на сайте инвесторов проекта:

Polemix allows influential opinion leaders to produce Proof of Support (POSU) collectibles of their main ideas.
Detractors are incentivized to disagree respectfully on the leader’s comment section. Polemix disrupts echo chambers by showing different viewpoints on big ideas, and financially rewarding respectful detractors.

А на самом сайте “предложение” другое:

We partner with iconic minds such as Steven Pinker, Peter Singer, Kishore Mahbubani, Shashi Tharoor and Cornel West to give you the ability to not only meet them in a unique way, but also to interact with them in a horizontal way and dive deep into the ideas that interest you.
In the end, opinions are all we have. We are only as interesting as our opinions. … That is our mission: to create the conditions for the unexpected to happen and for that spark to change everything. No one comes out the same after a transformative conversation.

Ambassador Program - The Better Arguments Project - We seek leaders of all kinds who share a passion for finding healthier, more constructive ways to disagree and exchange ideas

New GPT bots:

Talk to the City — AI • Objectives • Institute - an open-source LLM interface for improving collective deliberation and decision-making

Интересно -- про неискаженное отражение мнений и политику проверки контента AI

The path to safety and quality

To be a trustworthy tool for analysis, Talk to the City needs to present accurate, high-fidelity representations of the opinions expressed by all participants, even when those opinions are politically incorrect or widely considered immoral. This means that some of the current approaches to AI safety – such as RLHF, when used to make model outputs less offensive – may in fact be introducing bias that will skew a LLM’s representation of a person’s stated opinion.

One of our goals is to ensure that our product accurately extracts and summarizes all the key opinions and arguments expressed by participants – and we plan to design novel frameworks for evaluating and ensuring this accuracy. As a starting point, we have identified a set of questions for participants to evaluate how well their views were represented, including:

  • Did the AI capture all your key arguments?
  • Did the AI provide a fair and accurate summary of each argument?
  • Did the AI preserve the initial tone and intention of your original argument?

Не совсем аналог, но интересное применение AI для выделения ценных мнений из живого обсуждения (голосом) https://psi.tech/

Search for Common Ground, in partnership with TangibleAI, built BridgeBot: a WhatsApp-based chatbot to shift perspectives and grow skills in dealing with online conflict. BridgeBot acts as a companion to social media users, helping them deal with differences of opinions—including everyday cultural and political differences—by building skills on empathy, identity, and nonviolent communication. Informed by Search for Common Ground’s Common Ground Approach, BridgeBot has been used more than 1,000 times in English, French, and Arabic since May 2023.

Можно сходить на презентацию этого проекта на Peacebuilders Online EXPO 13 марта

Acquaint platform offers an innovative platform that blends intercultural communication training, gamification, and interactive activities, fostering meaningful global connections. With over 750 volunteers from 91 countries, we enable one-on-one conversations that expand perspectives.

Это скорее ближе к deliberative practice: онлайн обсуждения и фокус-группы анализируются и суммируются с помощью AI, в результате большая группа – сотни человек – может выделить самые важные тезисы/инсайты и прийти к общему: чему группа больше всего верит
The only voice-based primary research platform. - PSi

Исследование объединения https://kompetenznetzwerk-hass-im-netz.de/ (Центр компетенций против онлайн ненависти) на тему “Громкая ненависть - тихий уход” Lauter Hass – leiser Rückzug | Studie zu Hass im Netz 2024

Интересное в исследовании: “уход” людей из сред коммуникации незаметен (они никак его не проявляют, уходят тихо). Получается, проблема не-участия бОльшего числа людей в онлайн обсуждениях совершенно невидима

Хорошее исследование + теория, как проверять, конкретное сообщество способствует разнообразию мнений или наоборот, способно со временем свалиться в автократию: Dynamic Polycentricism

We propose assessing pluralism in online communities by examining the connections between small groups. Download the report from our work with the SNF Agora Institute.

не совсем аналог, но сюда люди приходят за тем, чтобы их слушали: сервис “заботливых слушателей” + психологические консультации (слушатели - волонтеры кажется) https://www.7cups.com/qa/

https://www.authrev.org/adc - онлайн-курс по технологии общения
Интересный заход: у них один из основных акцентов “We need to learn to fight better” - но в итоге ведут к “come out with stronger relationships - to others, and to yourself”